Enter the length of material required

For Straight and Custom applications the length must be measured by hand. For Radius applications the length is automatically set according to the radius and the radius type entered.

Caution Be sure to include enough material to allow for miter cuts as required.


Enter the Quantity of material required

This is the number of items at the specified application and length

Tag/Sidemark (optional)

Enter an identification for this package

Whatever is entered in this box will be printed on the label affixed to the outside of the box. This is typically used to indentify where in the house that this item will be installed IE:Living Room

Special Instructions (optional)

Enter an identification for this package

If the application type selected was "Custom" then this field must contain the name of the template that will be sent. For all other application types this field is used to provide additional instructions regarding the manufacturing of the item.

Info Please see Application Types for more information on the different application categories.

Info Please see Template_Instructions for more information on templates for custom applications