Grain Patterns


Flexible mouldings are available in different wood grain patterns.

Grain patterns other than Smooth Paint Grade, can be stained to look like wood (see installation tips on how to stain flexible mouldings).

Selection depends upon the moulding chosen.

Grain patterns include:

Smooth Paint Grade Smooth Paint Grade
Pine Grain Pine Grain
Oak Grain Oak Grain
Poplar Grain Poplar Grain
Alder Grain Alder Grain
Knotty Alder Knotty Alder Grain
Ash Grain Ash Grain
Birch Grain Birch Grain
Cherry Grain Cherry Grain
Caxeta Grain Caxeta Grain
Doug Fir Grain Doug Fir Grain
Hemlock Grain Hemlock Grain
Lyptus Grain Lyptus Grain
Maple GrainMaple Grain
Mahagony Grain Mahagony Grain
Rough Sawn Grain Rough Sawn Grain
Redwood Grain Redwood Grain
Spruce Grain
Walnut Grain Walnut Grain