Now there are 2 different types of flexible molding to choose from
Flex Trim Flexible Mouldings and ZzzFlex Flexible Moulding

The original flexible moulding designed specifically for the construction industry, Flex Trim has been the benchmark for flexible moulding since its inception. Flex Trim flexible moulding is great for most applications - indoors or out !

Available in over 25,000 styles

Weather resistant

Insect resistant



Cuts like wood

Easy installation

Custom profile matching

Many in-stock


ZzzFlex is the ultimate in flexible mouldings. Made from the highest quality materials, it can withstand the most demanding applications. ZzzFlex flexible moulding is the most flexible, strongest, most durable flexible moulding available anywhere. ZzzFlex flexible moulding has all the benefits of Flex Trim flexible moulding plus:

Extreme flexibility

Superior strength

Improved durability

UV Inhibitors

Recommended for:

Tight curves

Intricate Molding patterns

Large profiles


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* not all items are available in stain grade versions