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Flexible Stucco Mold Molding

Description and Common Uses

Flexible Stucco Mold is typically used as a trim around arched windows and doors on wall that will receive a stucco finish. The Stucco Mold has a "Key" that the stucco material flows into to create a tight seal and finished look. Use Flexible Stucco Mold on curved openings that require a stucco mold.

When ordering flexible Stucco Mold, you may need to have it pre-curved depending upon the size and direction of the curve. Our Order Wizard will walk you through the simple process. Pre-curving to a radius does not add any additional time or cost to the order.

Made from a solid Polyurethane material, it is impervious to water and will not warp or rot. Use it indoors or out in even the harshest environments.

Although flexible molding is much less expensive than curved wood molding, it is more expensive than straight common wood moldings so, we suggest using wood molding for the straight sections and finding a matching flexible molding for the curved sections. With over 50,000 moldings to choose from, there is a good chance we have a match to your wood molding. Use our Molding Search Engine to find a match to your molding. If you're having trouble finding a match, contact us and we would be happy to help you find the right match.

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