Rotten Wood

Advantages Over Wood Molding

The main advantage is flexibility.  Flexible molding can be adjusted during installation so that the fit is exactly what you want.  Adjust your reveal, make changes to the curve as needed all on the fly*

In addition to flexibility, flexible molding:

  • Cheaper than custom shaped wood molding.
  • Saves time on installation.
  • Easy to order.
  • Most orders don't require a template*
  • Won't expand and contract like PVC.
  • Won't warp.
  • Won't rot.
  • Won't de-laminate like plywood or laminated trim.

All of this results in even greater overall cost savings

*molding curved in the "hard direction" should be pre-curved to the approximate radius of the arch.  The order wizard will show you how to order.

** Elliptical, oval and other irregular curves may require a template.