Common Misconceptions About Flexible Molding

We recently asked Chat GPT 4 the following question:  “Tell me about Flexible Molding”

The answer we got back reflects the general perception of Flexible Molding we hear every day.

Most of the information returned was correct or at least not completely wrong but it was the following that concerns us most:

1.      Installation Flexibility: Flexible molding can be easily bent, twisted, and shaped to match the contours of curved walls, arches, rounded corners, and other non-standard architectural features. This makes it ideal for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of spaces with unique designs.

We see this every day, when customers request straight lengths of flexible molding assuming that it will bend to fit any application.  After asking about their specific application we find that this would have been a costly mistake. Some attempt to install it anyway and after a few days the molding begins to crack or tear.

The correct answer would be “Depending on the molding being used and the application it is being applied to, the molding may need to be pre-curved to the approximate curve of your application”

The bottom line...  Don't let this happen to you:
Cracked Trim