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Paint Grade or Stain Grade?

Flexible Molding can be painted or stained.

If you will be painting the moulding, select "Smooth Paint Grade". If you will be staining it, select a species that most closely matches the desired wood grain pattern. Not all mouldings are available in all species so it may be necessary to substitute. See the online catalog for specie availability.

The most common species in order of availibility are:

  1. (PG) Smooth Paint Grade
  2. (PI) Pine Stain Grade
  3. (OK) Oak Stain Grade
  4. (PO) Poplar Stain Grade

Other species are available on a limited number of mouldings. Please see the online catalog for specie availibility.

Info See "Searching the catalog " for tips on how to locate a match to your wood trim

Info See the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for information on painting and staining flexible mouldings

Unfinished Flex Trim
Flexible moulding arrives coiled up in the box and is "off white" in color before painting or staining.
flexible moulding in pine stain grade after staining
Pine Stain Grade Flex Trim after staining



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