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How to order

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Start the process by selecting the moulding style (item number) from the online catalog Help.

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When ordering we may need to know :

Info Confused? Don't worry, just click the picture of the moulding style you want and the Step by Step Ordering wizard will walk you through the process.

Moulding Style

Choosing the moulding style

Start by searching our online catalog of over 7000 moulding styles. Our online catalog is a searchable database of all our mouldings complete with pictures, full scale drawings and pricing information.

InfoIn most situations the curved flexible moulding will be used near or in conjunction with straight lengths of moulding. Although flexible moulding is much less expensive than curved wood moulding, it is much more expensive than straight wood moulding. We suggest that you choose a locally available wood moulding for use in the straight sections and a matching flexible moulding for the curved areas. Due to the high cost of shipping lengths of wood moulding, Trimster does not currently offer matching wood mouldings to their line of flexible mouldings.

See "Searching the Moulding Catalog" for tips on how to locate a match to your wood trim

InfoWhen choosing a moulding style be sure to select one that is available in the wood grain pattern (species) desired. See "Selecting the Species" for more information.


Not all mouldings are available in all species. See the online catalog for availability

The most common species in order of availability are:

  1. Smooth Paint Grade
  2. Pine Stain Grade
  3. Oak Stain Grade
  4. Poplar Stain Grade
  5. Other

Measuring Required Length

The required length is automatically calculated for full circles, half circles, quarter circles and eyebrow arches.

Half, Full or Quarter circle the formula is :

  • Half Circle = RADIUS X 3.14
  • Full Circle = RADIUS X 3.14 X 2
  • Quarter Circle = RADIUS X 3.14 X .5

Arc Segments, Eyebrows and Ellipticals the formula is:

  • Arch RISE X 2 + Arch WIDTH
  • how to measure for flexible moulding

Ovals the formula is:

  • Oval WIDTH X 2 + Oval HEIGHT x 2

CautionRound up to the nearest whole foot. There is a 4 foot minimum per length.

CautionBe sure to include enough material for miters and any reveal.

Calculating the RADIUS

Click the Radius Tool for instructions and help calculating the radius of your application


Radius = Distance from the center to the outside of a circle (1/2 the Diameter )


Diameter = Distance accross a circle
( radius X 2)


Circumference = Distance around a circle (Diameter X 3.14)


Typical Application Types

Arched Windows and Doors

Base Shoe on stair landings

Base moulding on curved walls

Crown on curved ceilings

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